Crane reconstruction

     Because of the increased interest in control technology based on programmable logic controllers, as well as in PC-based control, which is considered to be a fundamental approach to building control strategies without compromising as regards functionality and accurateness in executing automation tasks, the company has developed specialized module software for control of lifting equipment, which has found wide application at port complexes and heavy industry.

Reference list:

  • Restructuring of semi-traveling bridge crane КП204 Э - Varna Thermal Power Station EAD 2008
  • Refurbishing of board: main automation, 2 units, 20t electrical cranes Albrecht type in port Varna East - Varna Port EAD 2006
  • Restructuring of electrical part of 2 x 35t electrical cranes Porteiner type in port Varna West - Varna Port EAD 2007
  • Restructuring and modernizing of port portal cranes - Port Odesos PBM AD 2008
  • Modernizing of portal crane Kirovets type - 16t KP16(20) - Port Complex Lom EAD 2008
  • Restructuring of electrical part of 1 x 5t clamshell electrical crane - Xella Bulgaria 2007
  • Restructuring and modernizing of 3 portal cranes Kirovets type - 10t, Port Varna, electrical part - Besttechnica EOOD 2005/2006
  • Restructuring and modernizing of 5 cranes, electrical part, Chugunoleene, Ihtiman - Besttechnica EOOD 2008/2009
  • Manufacturing and delivery of boards for gate control of tunnel gates, Metropoliten, Sofiq
  • Manufacturing and delivery of control boards for cranes by the structuring documentation of a client

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