Power T&D Applications

   Full engineering of complete (global) SCADA system and energy management system:

  • Project survey and preliminary study of the existing situations and technical condition in substations includes working out of full set of preliminary technical documentation and drawings for communication channels and reconstruction based on site information. Also include working out of complete concept for building of global SCADA system.
  • Delivery of equipment for renovation of regional control and dispatcher centers and completing the phase for their readiness for connection to central (global) SCADA system.
  • Turn key performance of SCADA system and energy management system.

   Reconstruction of substations

  • Reconstruction of medium voltage switchrooms
  • The latest technology in protection, metering and SCADA control cal also be applied to the design and reconstruction of MV/LV substations
  • Primary commutation - design and performance
  • Secondary commutation and substation automation - design and performance
  • Full commissioning

   Complete design of electrical substations - our electrical design engineers are familiar with the main equipment of almost all famous European producers of high voltage and medium voltage equipment used in such projects.

   Control and Relay Panel Design and Manufacture

  • Equipment from any serious European manufacturer can be used.
  • Control and relay panels, fully equipped, wired and tested.

   Equipment and material supplies

  • Supply of electrical equipment and materials according to the client specifications.
  • Preparing of specifications according to the client's requirements and delivery of electrical equipment and materials.

   Relay protection testing - testing of relay protection systems, either before energizing or as a routine maintanance. Settings and testing of these protection relays also include building of configurations according to specific projects by means of configuration software. Our existing experience includes work with equpment from ABB, Siemens, Areva, GE, Schneider Electric.

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